Following my earlier article, I am surprised that we are now moving into the second half of Lent and that the calendar tells us that today is the start of Spring!  So it is that time of year when we tend to unearth our worldly possessions and decide what we really need: we tend to keep most things, passing on a few to a charity shop, maybe. Anyway we try to make some decisions about our future and I think that this is one of the aims of the Lenten period. It’s quite similar to the practice of New Year’s Resolutions, which are ofteh quickly broken and I have to admit that some of my Lenten aims have also fallen by the wayside: I haven’t managed to attend the Stations of the Cross yet, for example. Fr John warned us about ‘priorities’ and putting spiritual before earthly needs. I’ll try harder,

I’m still holding on to Deacon Roger’s advice of Say Yes to God, however. This has led me to question my religion more and to find out things I really should have taken in before now. I mentioned the significance of the number 40 in my first article. The arithmetic seemed wrong until somebody told me that Sundays did not count. I was querying the amount of cake being consumed in the Parish Hall after 1030 Mass. Part of my ignorance is due to the teaching of Religion during my schooldays. Everything had to be learned by rote: prayers, hymns, the catechism and Latin. {I can still recite the tenses of the verb without thinking!} Questions were never encouraged!

So I’ve asked myself and other parishioners plenty of questions recently and have found some very satisfactory answers. However, if Sundays are not part of Lent, why is the music so mournful and Wesley so prominent? Don’t we do things better and more willingly if we are enjoying ourselves? I know that this is a period of trying to sort out the mess we are in redirecting our lives, but do we have to be sad and express it in order to live life as God intended?

I’m sure you, my fellow parishioners, will give me some answers.


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