First Holy Communion

The term “Eucharist” comes from the Greek “eucharistia” meaning thanksgiving and is also called communion because it brings us into union with God. The Eucharist is centred around a commemoration of the Last Supper. The priest takes bread and wine and speaks the words of consecration over them so that they become the Body and Blood of Christ

The Sacred Heart Church offers a programme of first Holy Communion lessons each year.

These lessons are designed to prepare Roman Catholic children of the Sacred Heart parish for their first Holy Communion which takes place in June each year at the Church. The children will also prepare for their first confession. Preparation for First Holy Communion occurs with children aged 7 (school year 3) and above.

The children are taught by the priest and parishioners who volunteer their time to be catechists (teachers). The lessons are created by an external organisation to the Sacred Heart Church and are written to be fun and informative. The lessons are free of charge but there is a small fee for work books and other material; the Church can help with these costs if the family is in financial difficulty. While the children are being taught there is also a lesson for the parents to attend at the Church.

It is expected that parents help their children with the small amount of homework which they receive. The catechists and parish priest wish that the children attend Mass every Sunday either at the Sacred Heart Church or another Roman Catholic Church. It is very important that the children attend each lesson because failure to do so may result in them not being permitted to receive their first Holy Communion at the end of the programme and they may have to wait another year to do so.

Details of our FHC program can be obtained from the Parish Office.

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